Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

4 Reasons to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

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Let’s admit it - writing wedding vows can be scary! Whether you’re a writer or not, confessing an entire relationship of feelings in the form of wedding vows is daunting. If you choose to share them in front of others, there’s the added pressure of everyone judging you for what you say. If that doesn’t phase you out and you have managed to cross the obstructive barrier of “Shall I write wedding vows,” your partner may need some convincing in writing wedding vows 

If you’re on the fence about writing wedding vows, here are four compelling reasons to consider adding vows to your wedding day: 

It’s the only time of the day you actually get to share your feelings with your partner 

Wedding days fly by fast, and there definitely won’t be scheduled time for you to enjoy this moment with your partner unless you write wedding vows. While a quick “I love you,” might suffice, your wedding day should have time set aside to share the importance of your relationship with your partner and all that you’re looking forward to in your future together. 

It’s not often you set aside time to tell your partner how much they mean to you 

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Unless you write notes to one another often, it’s rare for couples to share, in-depth, their feelings. Writing wedding vows gives you an opportunity to bundle all of your favorite aspects, values, and traits about your relationship and share them with your partner. 

Written words carry lifetime weight 

While actions do speak louder than words, written words will outlive your marriage. In the decades ahead, you’ll appreciate having written down your feelings in the form of a wedding vow and recalling that particular memory. The older we get, the more important small tokens of love and affection are to us, especially those that are tactile.  

It’s a fantastic moment to reflect on your relationship

Writing wedding vows makes you thoroughly examine your relationship and put it into words. Unless you happen to be that couple who actively takes time to reflect on your relationship, wedding vows provide the space and time to remember why you’re choosing one another for the rest of your lives. While putting your feelings into the words of wedding vows, you might even recall fond memories that you once forgot about!

Hopefully, this convinces you to write your wedding vows or at least if you were pondering on “shall I write wedding vows”, I hope now you have gone beyond the unreasonable doubts you once harbored in your mind. If you’re struggling with how to write them or wondering how to write a perfect wedding vow, , snag a few of our Vow Journals to get your wedding vow writing gears turning! 

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