Our Development Process

Our Development Process

Developed in the US, designed in London. 

Our journals are cute and fun, and that's all thanks to a lengthy development process. Read a bit more about how we design the journals below!

1. First, we start with a simple concept or question, such as "Why are writing vows so difficult?" or "How does one narrow down the world of articles on Google to write a really good best man speech?" 

2. Next, we begin breaking down the process of accomplishing the task at hand. That step-by-step process is documented in a file sent to actual people who are in the midst of writing wedding vows, speeches, ceremonies, etc, for a first-round of feedback. 

You can view the very first version of the journal we sold on Amazon for a year to gain outsider feedback in the image below. Look at how ugly it was!

3. Then, that feedback is implemented into the process document, and the content is provided to a design studio to create the first version of the journal. 

4. Once the first version of the journal is complete, it is sent to the same people who provided feedback as well as other wedding vendor partners to understand how the designs help make the task at hand easier to accomplish. 

5. That feedback is sent again to the design studio to update the look. Once the designs are finished, we print and thoroughly comb over the text to spot any mistakes. 

6. The finalized designs are sent to our manufacturer to create samples, and those samples are shipped to us. 

7. We review the samples, checking again for any spelling errors or any designs that need fixing, and send the feedback to the manufacturer. 

8. Once we feel 100% about the samples, we place an order. Yay! During the production process, we take product photos. 

And that's all! Special thanks to everyone who has provided us feedback thus far. 


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