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Pre-order The Speech Journal now and become a wedding speech pro in just 30 days with our fool-proof guide, templates, and community support. Save 10% and have plenty of cash left over for the open bar!

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  • Brainstorm without the stress

    Our journals are like a personal writing coach, guiding you through the process in bite-sized chunks. No more staring at a blank page and screaming "Why, oh why, did I agree to do this?!"

  • Follow the writing prompts

    Our prompts are so fun and inspiring, you'll forget you're even writing . And if that's not enough, the memory pages will make your loved one feel like they're flipping through your personal scrapbook.

  • Write your first draft with ease

    We'll hold your hand (metaphorically, of course) and guide you to the finish line. Our pointers and suggestions will make your writing so good, your guests will be begging for an encore.

  • Give a gift that will last forever

    Once you're done, you'll have a beautifully crafted speech that your loved one will cherish forever. They'll be bragging to their friends about your writing skills for years to come.

Our philosophy

At our core, we're just a bunch of word-loving, memory-making, and laughter-seeking folks who believe that life's biggest moments deserve more than just a generic greeting card. Our journals are here to help you turn your heartfelt words into unforgettable memories, no matter where you are in the world (or galaxy, for all you space travelers out there).

So let's grab a pen, start brainstorming, and create some damn good memories together!

Designed for the non-writers

We don't discriminate against non-writers. Our journals are designed to make even the most wordsmith-challenged person feel like a pro. And don't worry, we tested them with real humans (not just robots) to make sure they're user-friendly.

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Personalized writing support included

Every journal comes with our "writers-on-demand" service - and it won't cost you a dime! Our wordsmiths are on standby to give you all the tips and tricks you need to craft your masterpiece. Trust us, with their help, you'll be writing like Shakespeare (or at least his slightly less talented cousin) in no time.

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