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Our philosophy

Our journals provide stress-free and fun writing prompts for people celebrating life’s big moments anywhere in the world, guiding everyone in their process to write truly meaningful words for their loved ones.

We're helping you turn your biggest moments into memories you can keep forever.

Designed for the non-writers

We work with real people to design and test the journals so that everyone can use the journal, whether or not they're great with words.

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  • Set aside time to brainstorm

    Our journals will walk you through the writing process in small bits of time. No need to figure out what to write or how - the journal will guide you!

  • Follow the writing prompts

    Follow the writing prompts throughout the journal.

    Feeling extra memorable? Complete the memory pages with your own photos and extra memories.

  • Write your first draft

    At the end of the journal, you'll be guided step-by-step to write your first draft with helpful pointers and suggestions.

  • Keep your words forever

    Once you've completed the journal, we recommend giving it to your loved one for a memory to keep forever. There's nothing more intimate than another person's handwriting.

Personalized writing support included

Every journal gives you access to our writers on hand - for free. You'll receive detailed, dedicated tips and tricks for writing and journaling.

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