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How the Journals Work

Create some time to brainstorm

Our journals will walk you through the writing process in small bits of time. No need to figure out what to write or how - the journal will guide you!

Follow the writing prompts

Follow the writing prompts throughout the journal. We recommend completing all of them - you never know what might trigger your best idea!

Feeling extra memorable? Complete the memory pages with your own photos and extra memories.

Write your first draft

At the end of the journal, you'll be given the steps to write your first draft.

Once you've completed the journal, we recommend giving it to your loved one for a memory to keep forever.

journals for all your biggest moments

Vow Journal

Your fool-proof guide to writing wedding vows within 30 days. Filled with fun prompts, inspirational famous love letters, instructions for crafting the first draft, and memory pages to add your photos.

Shipping January 2023


Officiant Journal

Your simple, fun guide to writing a wedding ceremony with ease. Learn the basic structure of a ceremony, how to craft the perfect story, and fill in the prompts to get your creative gears turning. Don't worry - we added memory pages in this one, too!

Arriving Early 2023

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Speech Journal

Whether you're the maid of honor, best man, a good friend, or a parent, this journal will provide you with your choice of structures and prompts to make speech writing enjoyable. Use the memory pages in this journal to give this as a gift to your loved one at their wedding.

Arriving Early 2023

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Designed for the non-writers

We work with real people to design and test the journals so that everyone can use the journal, whether or not they're great with words.

Learn about our development process

Your handy brainstorming tool and gift, all in one.

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